City of Sadness

Project Name: Music Poster

Category: Print Design

Instructor: Stanley Zienka

Semester: Spring 2020


This project is to use images to express your feeling of a song. In this project, we need to prepare the typeface materials and different types of images printed on transparency paper combined with a variety of stuff, then use the projector or the computer screen to shoot the photos. 



The Fire EX. a Taiwanese punk band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, founded in 2000. Based on the experience of operating Fire EX. in the past 18 years, the team has tried to challenge more innovative attempts through different combinations of teamwork and hopes that "Flame Music" can become a brand that has a positive impact on the market environment. And which is why the Huoqi Music Co., Ltd. established in 2015.

Song – City of Sadness

With the voice of the singer and the rhythm, the song makes me feel sad and accompany with some anger. The feeling is struggling, and someday it will explode.

This song is about Taiwan’s history when the time that people rose against the government to fight for freedom 70 years ago. And nearly the same situation is happening right now in the city of Hong Kong.