Same Same
but Different

Project Name: 1 min Animation

Category: Motion Graphic

Instructor: Michael Ritchie 

Semester: Spring 2019


The purpose of this project is to show your ability to tell stories. Present a story that you are interested in in an abstract way.


The story I chose is about identical twins. At that time, I encountered a
lot of information about twins and I noticed them when I walked down the street, which inspired me to find out more about them. Finally, I saw an article about what causes might make them different. Then it became part of this project.

截圖 2020-03-11 下午2.36.58.png
Story Board-03.png
Whole (0-00-18-19).png
Whole (0-00-23-16).png
Whole (0-00-31-04).png
Whole (0-00-57-19).png
Whole (0-01-10-20).png
Whole (0-01-14-11).png