Hi, I'm Wen! I'm a designer focusing on branding, typography, and screen-based design.

San Francisco, California

BigBlue, Cover, Photoshop

Pitch Deck Design-TV Show

Project: Big Blue  |  Client: OpenGate Entertainment

Role: Freelancer (Aaron Davis Graphic Design Studio)  |  Year: 2020

Pitch Deck

Using photo manipulation skills to develop the visual and title treatment according to the script to create a cohesive and unique pitch deck for the clients.


The Story of Sony

Course: Type System  |  Professor: John Nettleton

Category: Editorial Design  |  Year: 2019

Annual Report

I redesigned the whole visual system that shows sustainability and their primary focus on technology to fit the content. I dealt with the photos by showing the tech aspect, and I used the color and diagrams to present the social responsibility that the company cares about.

Keyframes Conference.gif

Keyframes Conference

Course: Type System  |  Professor: John Nettleton

Category: Branding  |  Year: 2019

Conference Materials

This conference is a creative animation, film, and VFX conference where people can interact with animators, and filmmakers.

My design direction was using the materials that three industries will encounter to build a sense that anything is possible.

Comp 1.gif

28 Posters, 28 Weeks

Project Name: Self-Directed Project

Category: Print Design  |  Year: 2018

Logo Reveal.gif

LiFE Rebranding

Course: The Nature of Identity  |  Professor: Hunter Zimmer

Category: Branding   |  Year: 2020


This is a rebranding project(student project) for LIFE, a magazine brand that everyone is very familiar with. In order to give LIFE a new look, the whole system is based on the brand’s mission—encouraging people to explore and be inspired by the life around them—to express the feeling of exploring, connecting, and sharing.


Waking Up

Course: Type Experiment  |  Professor: Stanley Zienka

Category: Editorial Design  |  Year: 2020


This book documents my weird wake up time during this quarantine in 2020. I might wake up at 3 pm, or even late in the day. Some things might affect the time when I wake up as well. Documenting the scenery I saw when I wake up, what sound I heard, what it makes me feel, and what happened during that moment.

Comp 1.gif


Category: Poster Design, Motion Graphic, Painting


An ongoing creative exercise of acrylic paintings, motion graphics, and poster design.


Luguo Cafe Web Redesign

Project: Web Redesign  |  Professor: Patrice Anderson

Category: UI/UX Design  |  Year: 2019


Luguo cafe has utterly immersed in the historical building at Da Dao Cheng. With the vibe of warmth, it is a comfortable place to enjoy and relax. I will reorganize the information and change the style they have now to create
a system and consistency throughout their store to the website based on their brand identity and making the site more professional and